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S.C. Maxim Invest S.R.L. is a company specialized in distribution of flowers and transportation of freight with controlled temperature having the latest equipments, which offers the posibility that any command to be delivered quickly, respecting the deadlines. So, goods are free from the risk of depreciation during transport because the cold aggregates operation is controlled permanently by our drivers that are experienced and well prepared for transport refrigeration.


Our technical and operational competence and suitability assures you a high productivity, quick transits, the safety and control of all transport operations.

The services offered by us, includes the following:

· transportation of perishables by road, with refrigerated trailers with controlled temperature

· transportation of flowers by road

· transportation of general freight by road

Our company offers international transport services at European standards, that covers a large number of European states which includes not only the Scandinavian countries : Denmark, Sweden and Norway, but a lot of other European countries : Romania, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Hungary.