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July 2013 - Maxim Invest partnership with DSV and Bech-Hansen companies is developing, our transportation services has been requested for new routes, once our contract were renewed.

June 2013 - The first tandem specially bodyworked for flower transportation on Mercedes Actros 4 chassis in Romania, starting from this mounth is part of Maxim Invest's fleet!

May 2013 - Marcel Chinces, one of the most competitive employee from our company, is the first licensed Truck Driver Trainer from Maxim Invest's team.

New partnership Michelin Denmark - Maxim Invest: the famous tyres company will equip and monitor two of our newest trucks for a period of 2 years, in order to test the last generation of Michelin tyres.

April 2013 - Due to the increasing work level and the good partnership with Volvo Cluj, represented by Sorin Savos, Maxim Invest acquired 3 new Volvo FH 460, the first ones on the Romanian marketplace. Such as the others, it will be maintained and embellish at Maxim Wash in Odense.

March 2013 - The new 16 drivers attend the Economic Driving Training, organized in partnership with Mercedes Trucks Romania. On this ocasion, we want to thank Mr. Nicolae Balcescu (Mercedes Trucks Romania trainer) for outstanding cooperation and also for his professionalism.

February 2013 - We are happy to welcome our newest 16 truck drivers which will have the oportunity to drive the new Mercedes Actros 4, equipped with Fleet Manager monitoring system. Maxim Invest acquired 7 such of this trucks.

January 2013 - New location for Maxim Invest's parking and warehouse in Turda - 22 December 1989 Street, No. 24, Pavilion C, inside of Trans Crisan Logistic company, one of the most dynamic transportation and logistic companies from Turda.

June 2012 - Our drivers followed a training session organized in partnership with Mercedes-Bens Romania for the latest 3 new Merces-Benz Actros MP4 trucks purchased. Pictures from this event can be seen on our facebook page.

April 2012 - Following a good and long cooperation with Volvo representative from Cluj, Maxim Invest gets to test latest FM and FH models from Volvo

March 2012 - Scania Romania, the Luncani representative, delivers 3 trucks to our company. In this way, we want to thank Scania team for their professionalism and involvement.

January - Between 24 and 26 january 2012, Maxim Invest drivers attend a driving economic cours, under the direction of Mr. Paul Cazan, trainer atVolvo Romania.

September 2011 - On all company trucks the Dynafleet system is installed, so there is much better communication with drivers and trucks, greater control of position and consumption. Our customers can watch live, how cargo is delivered to destination.

March 2011 - Maxim Invest open its own truck wash, in Odense Denmark. The new company is called Maximum Wash aps.