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S.C. Maxim Invest S.R.L. is a private company established in 2000, with the objective of offering a diversified gamut of intern and international transport of freight services. In the circumstances of developing partnerships with companies from Scandinavia and with a view to an efficient interchange of information, emerged as a necessity, the location of a new filial of the company in Denmark.. Therefore the company has branches in Romania and Denmark.



Originally created as a traditional intern transport company, well known on local market, MI subsequently stands out on international transport services market as a serious, punctual and prompt partner , always adapted to our clients’ needs.



The company has developed fast, its evolution being achieved on account of a favorable market situation and owing to a continuous reinvesting of the profit .Although, the company Maxim Invest is in a consolidation phase of the important investments that were made along its existance, the aquisition of new vehicles proves to be a necesity, for keeping up with the evolution of business environment and for maintaining the quality and flexibility standard of the company.



S.C. Maxim Invest S.R.L. was created and expanded based on the following fundamental concepts:

· high standard of quality

· adaptability to client’s needs

· high level of punctuality and flexibility

· vitality, professionalism, transparency and stability of the team

· innovation